An eclectic mix of all my happy mediums. Some are inspired from Canon, some not.

Seeker No More Halloween 2005 Ron's Secret Snow Day In Her Room Live From The Three Broomsticks! Before I Let You Go Safe With Me Unto Death Fading Into You Finally Second Try Tousers Off Kill the Boy! Father and Son Equals No Fairy Princess Harry, Come On... Remember Cedric Diggory Book Seve: Off to Battle Halloween 2006 OBHWF Halloween Sectumsempra! Past and Present And So Do I. Season of Giving Frosty the Snape-Man His Heart's Desire A Newlywed Christmas To Marry A Weasley What's He Done to You? Entwined Collapse It's All Right The Second Task Mother's Intuition Phoenix and Stag Happy Birthday To Yeh Master of the Chessboard The Boy Who Lived I'm Ready! Expecto Patronum! A Walk to Hagrid's Something Useful Happy Seventeenth Stay Close to Me The Way Back Is This the Moment? Happily Ever After The Three Broomsticks Home for the Holidays Tag Team Feel You Near The View Care to Raise the Stakes?


Look but don't touch. These arts belong to those who commissioned them!

The New Marauders First Signs of Magic Counting Freckles The Monster ON Harry's Chest Study Session Reunion Mail At St. Mungo's A Bit of Difference Love Made Visible The Hall of Prophecy Rain Dance Game Over Three's a Crowd My Filthy Muggle Father Starry Night Restoration

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