April 28, 2007: Photographs from the Borders Bookstore Fanart Gallery Event!

1/1/09: I have received an overabundance of e-mails this past month asking me not to shut down Mudblood428.com. I'm truly touched at the sentiments you've expressed, and to be honest, shutting down the site was never something I wanted to do so much as I felt I had no other options to protect the content on the site. That said, I have sought other avenues to keep the site open as well as safeguard the artwork.

Over the next month, the site will be undergoing some major changes, so you may see some pages down here and there while things are getting updated, but for the most part I'm hoping to make MD428.com more organized, secure and user friendly. So I'll just ask for your patience while I work on that.

As always, it is my joy to illustrate and to know that the people who stumble onto this site can experience some of the magic I feel when I read the Harry Potter books. It is in this spirit that Mudblood428.com will remain live. Thank you all for your support of my creative endeavors, and may you all enjoy a wonderful 2009!


The artwork featured on Mudblood428.com is not to be hosted elsewhere without my permission, and you may not manipulate, download or reproduce any of my work that has been watermarked as a Commission without the authority of the commissioner. Also, if you are hosting it in such a way as to suggest that you drew it, that is art theft!

Please be respectful of the work of others. I love sharing my artwork with you lovely folks. Let's not abuse the Honor Code, okay? Thank you!


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